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Engineering Visualizations

Boundary Street Bridge

Savannah, Georgia firm Hussey, Gay, Bell and Deyoung was tasked with presenting their proposed bridge renovation design for public viewing and comments. Portraying the design in a way that was easily understandable was of paramount importance.


In just a few days, Lucid Design Studio produced views and perspectives that addressed each potential point of critique and gave the highest probability of the layman understanding the project and the impact it had to the surrounding neighborhood.

Material Handling Crane (MHC)

This animation was part of a larger collaborative training project that provided interactive controls to this modeled crane. The user could manipulate all the major controls of the crane and immediately see the effects without risking damage to the actual machinery.

Fuel Cell Training Demo

This video illustrated the core components of the UH-60 fuel system, to include the APU fuel system. It described the location, function and interaction of components associated with the UH-60 fuel system. 


MH60 Blade Fold Switch

This project's goal was to give an inside view of the mechanics behind the MH60's Blade Fold Switch. By using a 3D animation, trainees were able to see the inner workings of the components that would otherwise be obscured. This greatly enhanced their understanding of what was happening inside the housing.

GERS Theory

The Ground Expedient Refueling System (GERS) is designed to transfer liquids from a storage/transport unit to military vehicle without pumps or motors. The system is operable using an external air compressor or an existing on-board air supply.


This animation demonstrated the theory of operation in a very clear and concise manner, taking less time to train and with better transfer of knowledge.

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