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Lucid Design Studio specializes in creating realistic 3d visualizations and animations for the architectural and engineering communities. Our primary focus is delivering exactly what our clients need, at a level of quality that exceeds expectations, while maintaining reasonable rates and realistic timelines.


Lucid Design Studio is fully capable of seeing the intent behind the design and transforming the static 2d documents into dynamic, colorful renderings that accurately depict many of the environmental variables that are difficult, if not impossible, to create with traditional technical drawings. 


We pride ourselves in using only the very best software and hardware, using HP workstations running Autodesk's 3ds Max utilizing the Mental Ray rendering engine and custom-built rendering servers (totaling 32 processors!) using Deadline render management system, all working in concert to make sure that there are no delays and our workflow can be as reliable as possible.


Renderings have been produced for a number of clients including:

  • Florida Power & Light

  • Department of the Army

  • Department of the Navy

  • South Carolina Dept. of Transportation

Phillip Bradshaw

Working with architects and engineers for nearly 20 years, Phillip has insight into architectural design and engineering construction disciplines not typically enjoyed by graphic artists. His passion for bringing designs to life and an obsession for learning continually improves his work. 


Phillip's experience includes:

  • Mechanical systems: machined parts and assemblies as well as refrigeration/HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing systems

  • Structural Engineering and Industrial Systems: structural steel, precast and post-tensioned concrete, process engineering.

  • Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Residential, commercial, and governmental architectural design

  • Digital Content Creation (DCC) for marketing, promotional, and training videos

Phillip is also a member of a number of professional organizations, including:

  • The American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI)

  • Design Visualization forum moderator at Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)

  • Autodesk Labs Program Tester

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