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Architectural Visualizations

Gnu's Room Bookstore

The renovation to The Gnu's Room Bookstore and Coffee Shop highlights all the elements that make up the best and most popular architectural illustrations:

  • Real-world daylight systems based on geographical location shows exactly how a space will look at any given time.

  • Materials and textures that give the interior finishes a realistic look, such as the diffused reflection of the hardwood flooring.

  • Since the renovation was to a bookstore, it was decided that modeling each book in the store would produce a better rendering than merely applying a picture of books onto an object. Although this increased the complexity of the scene, the results were well worth the additional work.

Campus Edge

The Campus Edge apartment complex shows what can be done with a small budget and a short time frame.

This project included a full site view and 3D projections of three different furnished floorplans on a limited budget. Finish schedules had not been created, so paint schemes and furnishings were only loosely guided. The complete project was done 6 days.

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